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Building Your Business From The Ground Up

flowchart of strategyBusinesses are richly organic. As they grow and prosper, their policies and procedures need to accommodate inefficiencies and misconnections that prevent continued growth. BluePrints for Business looks at these presenting problems with our Comprehensive Business Review which examines and questions every aspect of your business in great detail:

Sales and Marketing

•  Do your marketing plans and materials support your sales effort?
•  Do you have the right sales and pricing structures in place?
•  Are they functioning correctly?

Your Industry

•  Have you identified the trends prevalent in your industry on a local, regional, and national level?
•  Do you really understand the challenges that your business will have to face today and in the future?
•  And, more important, have you developed strategies to respond to those challenges?


operations manager•  Is production flowing efficiently through your plant?
•  Are you effective in converting materials, labor, and energy into efficient outputs?
•  Is your equipment up to date and well maintained?
•  Is your inventory managed effectively?

Management Information Systems

•  Do you have accurate and timely data to make sound decisions?
•  At any time can you determine the status of your business using key indicators from your various departments?
•  What information could improve your management systems?

Finance & Accounting

•  Do you have sufficient working capital to support business growth and operations?
•  Are you invoicing customers in a timely manner?
•  Are you obtaining capital in the most cost effective manner?

Human Resources

human resources team•  Do you have job descriptions for everyone in your company?
•  Do you have policies and procedures for carrying out each task?
•  Do you have an HR department?
•  Do your senior executives, your line managers, and employees share your vision and commitment?

The answers comprise the BluePrints for Business Comprehensive Business Review – the starting point for building your blueprint for success. We identify your business assets, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Then we outline a sequential plan with benchmarks, interim objectives, and a timetable to reach your ultimate goal. Your enterprise has needs, and you have a vision. We have the experience and resources to help you build the structure.

Bringing Your Blueprint To Life

review teamUnlike many consulting groups, BluePrints for Business brings your plan to life with a team of experienced professionals to help you transform you and your business. As your business becomes larger and more complex, our team will help you learn new management techniques to handle the growth and delegation of authority to follow.

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